My Writing Journey

Me on a  trip to Italy in March, 2009.  One of my most memorable challenges.

I have decided to take the Live Your Legend blog challenge!  And I am eager to get started!

I am definitely being pushed out of my comfort zone (which is part of the purpose for the blog challenge) as I would never consider myself a great writer, or even a writer at that.  Funny though, that on a weekly basis I encourage others to journal or write out their thoughts as a coping mechanism.  Seeing as I am a high school counselor, I work with students on a daily basis and on a weekly basis, I find my self listening to hurting high schoolers and asking, “Do you journal your thoughts or ever take the time to write out what you’re feeling?”  “Do you ever write letters?”

I guess it is time to take my own advice.  I am committing to taking time out of my week to reflect and write.  I am letting go of my fear of not being a “good enough” writer, not having anything “good enough” to write about, not having “good enough” pictures to post.  I’m going for it!


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